Hiking with Big Earrings

An Ode To The Ladies

Exploring the world by traversing its different landscapes is something I’ve always enjoyed. Whether a walk in the park, or a climb through Hell, each trek had its own beauty to offer, whenever I paid attention – to my surroundings, and to myself. In fact, I always thought I was a real hiker, till I met my husband, Steve, who was practically born wearing a pair of hiking boots. Turns out I’m pretty average, so I keep myself motivated by always feeling my best on the trail. That’s why I always don a pair of earrings when I hike – because why not embrace your feminine side?

I love the solitude and quiet determination that I experience each time I put one foot in front of the other, again and again, and again.

This blog is the product of my wanderlust and love for storytelling.
I hope to inspire more women to take up hiking as a hobby.

Come join my tribe.

Meera Jethmal